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Printing Your Dreams?

Are we inching closer to the day we’ll be able to actually print images from our dreams? Maybe a better question is, will we ever want to?

While it may sound like science fiction, a recent University of California, Berkeley scientific experiment that involved volunteers watching movie clips while a scanner watched their brains, actually involved grabbing rough still image reconstructions on a computer screen of what was going on in their heads while they watched the clips.

The scientists involved in the experiment recently reported the results and speculation quickly followed that such an approach might be able to someday reveal the visuals in dreams and hallucinations. Yikes!

While the images released from the experiment were barely recognizable, the team at Berkeley believes such a technique could eventually reconstruct a dream or other mental visuals well enough to be recognizable.

For those of you immediately fearful over the notion of anyone being able to eavesdrop on your most private thoughts, settle down, as the technique in this experiment required the volunteers to spend long periods (over 3 hours) in an MRI machine staring at the movie clips while laying as motionless as possible.

The machine used for the technique is called a functional MRI, or fMRI unit. Unlike ordinary MRI, which reveals anatomy, an fMRI shows actual brain activity.

Check out this YouTube clip that illustrates the actual images along with the fMRI captured images from the experiment.