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How to Hide or Blur Faces in a Photo


In this socialized age of ours, it’s not hard to find photos of yourself online. But in the event you want to post an image online and not have your face (or someone else’s face) appear or just want to blur out that ex of yours while retaining your own smiling visage, you have a few options. You could, of course, simply blur out your photo in editing software but that option is more time-consuming. Fortunately, there are several free and very easy websites and apps that can quickly get those faces obscured and save your future political career.



PhotoHide.com lets you blur out faces in an image with minimal effort. You simply upload a photo, use the mouse to draw a box over the face you want to disguise and hit the “hide” button. The face is instantly blotted out and you can download a copy of that edited photo to your hard drive.

The service is free to use, and while you could blur faces using photo editing software, PhotoHide does make it quite simple. You are limited to 3MB file uploads, however, and PhotoHide says they automatically delete your images after your editing session.



This is another free online photo editor that promises to find and blur faces automatically — simply upload a photo and LunaPic does the rest. That’s the theory, at least. In practice, I found it rather unreliable. It failed to recognize very prominent faces in three consecutive images I uploaded. Your mileage may vary.

ObscuraCam (Android)

There are several Android apps that promise to hide your faces, but ObscuraCam counts as one of the highest rated. It’s also very functional. In addition to blurring faces, it can literally remove them completely from an image or place funny noses and glasses on them. You can either snap a photo in the app and have it recognize faces (you then choose the blurring method) or it can apply the blur to existing photos on your phone or tablet.

The app also lets you “privately” share photos by stripping them of metadata information (such as an image’s GPS coordinates, your phone make & model, etc.).  It also works on your videos, too. Best of all: it’s free.

TouchBlur (iOS)

If you’re an iPhone user, TouchBlur is a simple, free app that does exactly what you’d expect it to do: blur a face you touch.

After you’ve blurred your image, you can share it from the app to Twitter of Facebook.

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Author:Greg Scoblete

Greg Scoblete is the editor of Your Digital Life. He has been covering the photographic world for the past ten years for a variety of publications including PDN, This Week in Consumer Electronics and Digital Photographer.