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Father's Day gift and scrapbook ideas

With Father’s Day not all that far away, here are a few ideas for hand-made gifts for Dad, as well as a free scrapbook kit to help you capture and display the memories of that day for years to come.

First up is a gadget holder made from an old tie (please choose one Dad doesn’t use anymore. That goes for all the crafts listed here.) The project, courtesy of luvinthemommyhood, has been up for a few years now, but unless you were specifically looking for it, it’s probably new to you. (It was to me, too.) This is a cute way to both recycle an old tie that would otherwise be trashed, and give Dad something he can use and will treasure.

Another craft with ties comes from Dollar Store Crafts, which used the ties to make a banner to hang up for Dad. Using this same model though, you could really get creative. Instead of letters, for example, why not make cloth frames you can slide photos into? Then Dad will have a very unique and inter-changeable banner he can use to show off the people who made it for him.

Finally, once Father’s Day has come and gone for another year, why not commemorate it in your scrapbook using this free kit from Summertime Designs? This way, the whole family will have something to share and remember the day by.

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