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About That External Hard Drive You Wanted…

External hard drives are a key component in anyone’s digital life – they’re an ideal back-up solution for your photos and videos. If you haven’t purchased an external drive or were considering upgrading your drive, there’s some bad news: prices are about to soar. I mean soar.

Catastrophic flooding in Thailand has wiped out hundreds of hard drive factories. Many key hard drive makers, like Western Digital and Seagate, have seen extensive damage to their factories and some analysts are predicting that all existing inventories will sold through in the next few weeks, driving prices up 180 percent in some cases. Hopefully it won’t be that bad, but prices are already on the way up and will probably go a bit higher before they go lower.

So if you were waiting for the perfect moment to make that external hard drive purchase, now would be the time! (If it isn’t too late…)

Author:Greg Scoblete

Greg Scoblete is the editor of Your Digital Life. He has been covering the photographic world for the past ten years for a variety of publications including PDN, This Week in Consumer Electronics and Digital Photographer.